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Moisture Vapor Emission Test Kit

(Also known as Calcium Chloride Test Kit or  Dome Test Kit) 


Our product meets national test standards ASTM F 1869 and ASTM F 710.  The product is available in a box that contains five test kits.  It is also available in bulk quantities of 25, 50 and 100 kits.  The product has been developed by civil engineers involved in ASTM technical committees who have over 25 years of work experience in testing and evaluation of concrete coatings and floor coverings.
We offer our time tested and proven product at competitive rates.  Please call us to get information on special rates or discounts.

 What is a Calcium Chloride Test?
A calcium chloride test is one of the industry standards in determining amount of moisture vapor immiting from concrete. While other methods are available, the ease of use makes calcium chloride test a preferred method among contractors.

How does it work?

The calcium chloride test is easy to perform using no specialized tools whatsoever. The kit contains a dish with calcium chloride crystals and it is placed over the concrete area of interest under a sealed plastic dome. The crystals absorb water vapor emitted from the concrete over a period of time. After the alloted time has lapsed, the calcium chloride crystals are weighed and, using a simple formula, the moisture vapor emission rate is calculated.  

Accessory Needed: Weigh Scale

It is important to have an accurate weigh scale for the calcium chloride test. A weigh scale is not included in this test kit. For the most accurate results and best test validity, it is recommended that a specialized third party weigh scale is bought and used with this test. The weigh scale for this test should be able to weigh to nearest 0.1 gram. Some of the manufacturers of weigh scales are Ohaus or Acculab. The links for these manufacturers are given in the Links section of the website. 

Safety Warnings

Our Moisture Test Kit comes with highly visible warning labels, but some consumers may want their test to be even more visible. We recommend that the consumer use caution tape or orange safety cones. These materials can be easily found in home improvement stores. 

The kit contains calcium chloride which is harmful if contacted.  Keep children and pets away from the test area.  In case of an emergency, call near by hospital and your State's Poison Control Center.

National Poison Center: 1-800-222-1222